Available commands

In order to simplify configuration and handling, there is a range of commands that will allow you to manage the server.


php bin/console system:status

This command will print out an overview of the current configuration and the recipe repos.

Recipe repo handling

php bin/console recipes:initialize

This command will initialize the repos according to the configuration parameters and download them if needed.


php bin/console recipes:update

Will run a git pull on the repos. Repos that haven't been initialized will be initialized before the pull.

During the update, a backup of the current local repo will be made. It will be restored if the update fails.


php bin/console recipes:reset

This will basically delete the current repo folder an reinitialize the repo. There is no automatic rollback in case the cloning fails.


php bin/console recipes:delete

This will delete the local repo folder.

Specify affected repos

All of the above repo handling commands can be limited to certain repos by providing a selector. Like so:

# Private repo only
php bin/console recipes:initialize private

# Private and contrib repo
php bin/console recipes:initialize private contrib